Go Gold in September!

We are ramping up for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September. My goal: get as many people as possible to Go Gold! for the entire month that we blanket social media with childhood cancer awareness.

Step One: Graphics for Facebook

Feel free to use these, pass them on, add photos to them, add text overlaying them, edit them in any way you want! Click to the the full size and then download them to your computer. Then upload them to Facebook.


Step Two: Custom Profile Pictures for Facebook

gogoldprofilepic2013If you have a cancer child and want a profile photo with his photo and name on it, I will make you one for free. This is what my son’s looks like. To get your custom profile picture…. email your child’s photo to emilycharlottefontes+gogold@gmail.com
You will get an auto-reply with further instructions.

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