How to Stay on Top of Medication Recalls

Medication recalls are an unfortunate reality. From the mundane like mislabeling to the horrific like meningitis-causing fungal contamination. As moms we can be proactive in simple ways.

  • Know Your Medication List: If your child takes numerous medications on a regular basis you should keep a list of both the brand and generic names of each drug. I keep an spreadsheet of the meds my child is currently taking on a regular basis, currently takes as needed and received previously on a regular basis.
  • Create Google Alerts: For each medication name, I create a Google alert for news articles to be sent to my email box. That way, if anything comes across the newswires about a medication recall, I will receive an immediate notification. Setting up Google Alerts is easy, click here to get started. Make sure you set alerts for the generic and brand names.
  • Do More Research: if you ever do get a notification, it warrants further investigation. The FDA website will provide extensive information about any active recalls. They should show the manufacture date, lot number & company plus where the effected medications were sent to.
  • Call Your Doctor: Once you have this information, call your child’s clinic where the medications were given or prescribed and ask if they received any of the recalled lots. If they did, tell them which date your child was given that medication on and ask if they can check to see if the lots match. Depending on the recall they may be required to call you but it’s better to be proactive. If your child has received a recalled medication ask for specific instructions.

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